Commercial Real Estate

Annaly Commercial Real Estate Group, Inc. (“ACREG”) originates and invests in commercial mortgage loans, securities, and other commercial real estate debt and equity investments. ACREG is a balance sheet lender offering flexible and customized solutions to borrowers. ACREG focuses on top sponsors with creative business plans, strong and durable markets, and loan structures that mitigate risk. Representing $1.2bn of Annaly’s equity dedicated to credit as of December 31, 2016, ACREG maximizes returns through conservative financing strategies utilizing senior loan syndication relationships, credit facilities and the securitization market. Annaly’s commercial investments complement the longer duration fixed-rate agency MBS portfolio, as they are primarily shorter, floating rate assets. ACREG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Annaly Capital Management, Inc.

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Geographic Concentration
NY 19% #7c91a6
CA 22% #4e6f99
OH 5% #c6bbaa
IL 2% #5d92b2
TX 9% #00304c
Other 43% #7ec1db
Sector Type
Multifamily 38% #5d92b2
Other 8% #00304c
Office 31% #c6bbaa
Retail 15% #7c91a6
Hotel 4% #7ec1db
Industrial 4% #4e6f99
Asset Type
AAA CMBS 5% #c6bbaa
B-Piece CMBS 22% #00304c
Equity 17% #7c91a6
First Mortgage 21% #4e6f99
Mezzanine 34% #7ec1db
Preferred Equity 1% #4e6f99

Please click here to access Annaly CREG’s fact sheet.

Note: Data as of December 31, 2016. Percentages based on principal outstanding and may not sum to 100% due to rounding. ACREG assets are exclusive of consolidated VIEs associated with B-Piece commercial mortgage-backed securities.

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